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 The Dreamside Interview and Chat Session - This Saturday

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PostSubject: The Dreamside Interview and Chat Session - This Saturday   Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:42 pm

Hello there dark ones,

I know that this is a bit of site whoring, and I must apologize for that in advance, but we have an interview and chat session coming up this weekend on Second Shifters with a very talented band, and we're looking to get them the kind of audience size that they really deserve for the event. Since their style is right up your alley, we were hoping that you wouldn't mind too much, and might consider tuning in if you get a chance.

It is our pleasure to announce that our next guests in the Podcast Interview Series at Second Shifters Radio will be a band that we're certain almost all of you are very familiar with. For thirteen years now, their music has reached out from the Netherlands and touched many of us on a personal level.

This weekend at 11:30am EST (3:30pm GMT) on Saturday the 29th, we will be bringing you an interview and chat session with...

The Dreamside

Kemi and Roman will both be joining us for the on air debut at 11:30, and we'll also be hearing from them in our chat room starting at noon, for an hour long chat session to answer questions and comments from you, the listeners.

Be sure to submit your questions for the band early by emailing them to, and keep in mind that the question receiving the most interesting response from the band will get you a copy of The Dreamside's latest CD: The 13th Chapter.

If you haven't yet tuned into our Interview series and want to learn more about what you're in store for or listen to previous episodes, you can take a look at our Podcast page at:

To learn more about the band and get links to their videos, website, or their Myspace Community, head over to our detailed profile for The Dreamside:

This is definitely an interview we're looking forward to, and we want to give them an audience to remember, so don't be shy about telling everyone you know to be here Saturday. We'll be waiting Smile

Most sincerely yours,

Second Shifters
Radio that bites... Hard
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PostSubject: Re: The Dreamside Interview and Chat Session - This Saturday   Sat May 24, 2008 9:04 am

site whore all u want.. but be sure to get us some users.
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The Dreamside Interview and Chat Session - This Saturday
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